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A good actual happenstance to illustrate the note about SJP’s song sketch interruption as compared to today’s climate.

There is an unofficial fan driven Saturday Night Hall of Fame in podcast form, and the hosts will have someone on to discuss the merits of a specific nominee. Dave Grohl specifically as a performer is on the ballot for his various musical guest appearances (includes Nirvana, Foos, his 2000s side project group and filling in behind the drums with Tom Petty one night)

The guest said the Foo Fighters’ performance of “Times Like These” in November of 2020 when Biden’s election was finally made official being this great “release” moment “for the entire country” was something to put on the favorable side of Grohl being inducted.

I mean I agree with the general idea of a moment in time like that being that powerful and galvanizing. But had Trump managed to get re-elected, I doubt Grohl would have such a “see we can get through this” message, nor would a Biden supporter see a rendition of “Times Like These” as “something we all needed to hear at that moment.

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