Over on the Not Ready For Prime Time Pod, the hosts joked that Brooks is the type that probably would feel somewhat slighted if he knew how poorly regarded a few for commission short films he submitted to an upstart comedy show that simply didn’t work out are considered 50 some years after the fact.

I kinda wonder about that. Granted Lorne is still in charge, but I do wonder if there is still animosity on Brooks’ part, and that’s a reason he’s never had a thing to do with the show ever since.

Meanwhile, it is possible that NBC/Broadway Video owns the characters, but AFAIK, the Land of Gorch characters themselves have been “erased” from JHC history! There have been a few “EVERY MUPPET CREATED FOR ANYTHING EVER (to that time)” sequences in projects, most noticeable at the end of The Muppet Movie, and the SNL characters are in none of them!

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Scot: I have no idea if they "buried the hatchet" personally, but there certainly was professional "heat" betweent them back then. It was not a cordial relationship and living/working on different coasts had a lot to do with it. Going over time and over budget didn't help, either. I tended to give those films a little more praise than Christian did, which makes sense as I'm a big Brooks fan. It also feels that Brooks thinks he deserves a bit more credit for some ideas about show structure that eventually made it to SNL.

I did not know that about JHC! It seems that Broadway might own the actual sketches, but I can't fathom that they own the characters themselves.

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